Psalm 127 v 1a - Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labour in vain.

We praise God that the building of our school building has begun as we are reminded of this verse, as the foundations are laid we know that Jesus Christ  is the Foundation upon which we build our lives.       As brick is laid upon brick, we acknowledge that we also build with living stones.  Every life (past, present and future) we touch for Jesus will always be part of building our school.

We praise God that we can leave a legacy behind for future generations which will equip them for life and for their work of service in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Lynette Farquhar

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  • Ma’am Sonja arrived at school on a Monday morning with newly hi-lighted hair only to be greeted with one of the grade 1 learners asking her, “Ma’am did you paint your hair?”

  • The grade 2 learners  were instructed to draw a picture of Adam and Eve during a R.E class.  One of the boys,  not very comfortable with this instruction, put up his hand and in a concerned tone asked, “Ma’am weren't they naked?”

  • Ma’am Gonda feeling proudly South African decided to wear a “Springbok top” to school one Friday to support the “Bokke”.  Her bubble was burst when a grade 2 learner announced loudly, “Ma’am Gonda, I also have a FAKE rugby top.”

  • A grade 1 learner was sent to school with an eye infection.  When Ma’am Leigh told him not to rub his eyes, he replied, “My eye is only sore when I go outside and the sun looks at me!”

  • A grade 7 learner was asked why he was using a pencil when the class were supposed to write with a blue pen.  His explanation was,  “Sir, my mom is using OUR pen today!”

  • The grade 3 learners were asked what a “conjunction” was.  One of the learners proudly put up his hand and said, “A conjunction is something very scary.”

  • At the recent sports day, Ma’am Roxanne instructed her 3 yr old son to be careful of the bees on the grass as he was running around bare foot.  He responded by saying, “It’s ok Mommy, they just busy making honey!”


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