Philippians 4 v 6 - Don't worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need, always asking Him with a thankful heart

We certainly are living in difficult times!  With all the negativity we are fed on a daily basis it is difficult not to become consumed by it all.  God says in His word that there is an alternative to feeling negative, fearful and depressed.  God simply wants us to come to Him! He cares about us and wants us rely on Him as our source! We need to ask of Him and believe that He will answer in His time and in His way! He also wants us to be grateful for what He has already provided! We need to ask God for wisdom so that we can avoid making the wrong decisions!

Trusting God means giving our problems to Him, leaving them Him and walking in the peace and reassurance the He has already taken care of everything.


Lynette Farquhar

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